Feeling hopless

It feels like I am losing the battle with these migraines.. No one is able to help and now even My PCP Doctor and just told me he can no longer offer me anything new that would or might help.. I feel like there is no hope. I know everyone always say "well at least you don't have cancer".. I am very thankful I don't and pray for the ones that do, but when you go to sleep in pain and wake up in pain and have no relief or direction on what to do, it can make you very tired and mad..

And I just got out of the hospital and now the 5th neuro doctor has told me the same thing and ask "Well why do you come to the Hospital then".. I was so mad.. I come to the hospital because I can't take the pain any longer.. Even when I go I don't even ask for pain meds or a script for them plus they just can give you a rebound h/a.. So that there should show that I am not a drug seeker..

I do understand how the doctors feel when a migraine pt comes in and think they are faking it but after 10 year of suffering, 40+ different meds, botox, nerve blocks, chiropractor, spinal tap, oxygen, CT, MRI, MRA, herbs, everything you can try at home.. I really feed there is nothing left to try and that I will prob. just suffer until the end.. I am unable to work due to these and I have two small children at home..

I am just wanting to know how many out there feel this way and what is there left to do?? Thanks!

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