Feeling Scared

So, I've been worried about my job - missing due to migraines as well as cognitive issues when I am able to work affecting my work - I am a bookkeeper. Even I am surprised at the mistakes I am making. I do my work, not questioning what I am doing & thinking I am doing it right. Then someone asks me a question about something so I go back to see what I did and can't believe what I did (or didn't do) because I don't remember having a problem with it.

When this first started happening I was aware that I was having problems processing but now I don't seem to be. I think this is more than a migraine issue because all that I have read seems to indicate that migraine doesn't cause permanent damage. However, since I had my first aura episode in March, this is on going. The MRI & EEG are both normal.

So, my employer has been good. We've moved around work so that I can do the less "thinking" jobs, but I'm having problems with those too. So my boss called HR & talked with them. They suggested I see if my Dr. will put me on Short Term Disability while I figure this out. I am scheduled for a neuropsych exam but cannot get in until October. I got a list of providers from my insurance so I can try to get in somewhere else.
Anyone else had this happen?

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