Finally embracing the idea of being a migraine suffer

I've suffered from migraines since I was 18 years old, and I'm 26 now. But I've always struggled with thinking of myself as a migraine sufferer. My migraines tend to come in two to three week cycles.

When I'm going through a bad stage, I vow that I'm going to start a journal and stick with it, that I'm never going to touch alcohol again, that I'm going to see a neurologist and try a new preventative medication and do whatever I have to do to stop this illness from ruining my life. And then I'll get better, and won't have a migraine for a week or so, and all of a sudden all my good intentions go out the window. I guess part of it is that I forget how bad it is when I'm not experiencing it, and that I don't want the migraines to affect or permeate every aspect of my life - the good periods are all I have left, and when I'm experiencing them, I want to forget that I even get migraines.

But I think I have finally reached a stage where I am forced to accept that I am a migraine sufferer, and that means I need to make changes in all aspects of my life if I want to manage my condition and lead a pain free life. So I guess writing this story, and joining this website, is the first step of that process.

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