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Finally found relief for my migraines!

My name is Wendy and I have been suffering from migraines for over 15 years. When I didn't have a migraine I had a general headache. I would say it was pretty debilitating because I was stuck in bed in darkness at least once or twice a week. I was missing so much of my kids life and my own life. One day I went to the orthodontist with my daughter who was getting braces. I saw a sign that said "Stop Suffering From Migraines." I actually laughed thinking what in the heck could an orthodontist do for migraines. However, with much hesitation I went ahead and asked about it and even booked a consultation. Up to this point I was drowning in over the counter medications as well as prescribed medications. I had gone to chiropractors, massage therapist, and even acupuncture so why not try an Orthodontist!

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My first visit consisted of a series of test and a health history form. The coolest part about this is that every test was real time! I literally got to see what was causing my headaches, they explained why, and told me exactly how long it was going to take to fix the problem! Although I was still skeptical I have to say I was a little excited and angry that no one else could tell me this! I had nothing to lose at this point because the consultation was free, the program could be filed on medical insurance, and if I didn't have it they do interest free payments. So I started my treatment the following week. Based on my problem it was going to take 12 weeks to resolve, however, after the first treatment I already had relief! Next month will be one year since my original treatment and I have not had 1 migraine or even a headache! I can't believe how nice it was to wake up in the morning and enjoy my day! Reality really hit when I heard my daughter talking to the doctor. She said, "Dr. Birth I prayed every day for my mom to get better, and I just want to thank you for helping her and giving me my mom back." I just cried... The treatment I went through is called TruDenta. If you haven't heard of it I urge you to look into it. Not every Orthodontist does this type of treatment, but Dr. Sheila Birth does and they have offices in Burleson, Fort Worth, Keller, and Arlington. Stop Suffering! I did!

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