Finally got relief!

I have suffered with migraines for 25 years but up until a few years ago, they became chronic. Two years ago, I underwent Botox injections (31) at one time. For the first 3 months, I wasn't sure I made the right decision because of the side effects, mostly flu-syndrome.

Before the end of the first 3 months, I began noticing a real significant change in the frequency and severity of my migraines. They greatly diminished in both ways. I finally began having quality of life again. Before, I truly wanted God to take me. I begged Him to do so. I was in the bed all the time in a dark room and could not enjoy anything or plan anything. Sometimes when I would take something for the pain, it would get worse instead of better. I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I did quite well for a long time, but then once again, the migraines came back.

Well, October 14, I was put back on Topamax to try it one more time. I didn't want to do the Botox unless absolutely necessary. I had not been on the Topamax in many years. After just 5 little pills, one a day, I have been a completely different person. It will be 2 weeks day after tomorrow that I have felt great every single day, not even a hint of a headache. I have been able to fully enjoy my life again, go out with family and have fun...something I'm not used to doing!!

After the first week of the Topamax, it was increased to one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. It is an anti-seizure medication also used for migraines. If anyone is desperate for relief and has not tried it, I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend Botox if you have good insurance. God bless anyone who suffers with such debilitating pain!!

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