Finally Relief

Been battling migraines all my life but the past ten years have been horrible. Had them every day.

After many Drs and treatments including Botox i found a CNP (certified Nurse Practicioner) who would work with me.

Common Triggers
Weather Changes
From the Blog: Triggers

After some trial and error we finally found something that works and i have been pain free for over 6 months (except for 2-3 tmes when I was under extreme stress.

I now take 50 mg Amitriptlyne once a day, 5mg Valium and 60 mg Neurontin twice a day. I know all you will understand how great it is to have my life back. I can now make plans to do things. Hope this can help someone. And try to find a CNP they actually care about you. Drs don't seem to in all, by my experience.


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