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Fioricet Helped for migraine!

I am suffering from migraine long back. Now I am taking fioricet generic on regular basis and have not met any attack yet. still sometimes light headache bother me a bit, but not as it was before.

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  • RobinfromCA
    1 year ago

    I took Fioricet for years. At first it would help but eventually my headaches were getting stronger and more often until I became chronic instead of episodic and needed a double dose of Fioricet just to take the edge off so I could get home. The only thing my doctor would do is prescribe different drugs to go with the Fioricet and I kept getting worse. I finally went to a new doctor who told me that treating migraine with Fioricet was probably the worst thing I could do because it has a huge percentage rate of causing rebound headaches. My suggestion is to pay close attention to your symptoms, keep a diary, and record how often you are getting headaches. If you notice a change for worse talk to your doctor about the Fioricet.

  • LJSF
    1 year ago

    I have asked for Fioricet many times. They used to give it to me in the old days. Now, I only get no

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