Migraine For The Past Five Months. Really struggling!

I’m a healthy 27 year old who has been experiencing migraines since January 2018. Initially they were every day but for past three months or so, they’ve been twice a week on average.

I get the visual disturbances (which I call fuzzies) followed by a painful throbbing in the head. I’ve been under the care of my GP for these migraines, however the best he can do is give me beta blockers (I take four a day) and sumatriptan. However, I feel that these are no longer helping.

In February, I was rushed into hospital with loss of speech and consciousness due to a painful migraine. I was that out of it, that I opened the car door when my husband was driving at 60mph! I was in the Resus Dept for five hours and was given a brain scan and lumbar puncture. My husband was really upset bless him. All came back clear thank goodness.

I’ve got a seven month old little boy and I’m finding it really hard to look after him when I have these attacks. My husband works and can’t keep taking time off work. Our parents are close but also work.

Is there anything else I can do to stop these migraines from coming back? It’s really getting me down.

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