Food Allergies were my problem!

After almost a year of suffering with a chronic migraine and being on 6-7 medications and being terribly fatigued and depressed, my ENT Dr. saved my life.

Instead of putting me on another medication, she suggested strongly that I have a blood sample sent to an allergy lab and the results came back with 90 some allergies/sensitivities to many foods. I was shocked but I figured I couldn't lose by giving a very strict diet of eating only foods that I didn't test positive to.

In a few days I started feeling better. I went back to my primary dr. and the neurologist and told them I wanted off the meds and I wanted to see how I actually feel without them and only watching the food I eat.

I have my life back. I saw my ENT dr. today and took her an orchid plant and told her thank you for saving my life!

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