Forever migraines

Like others, I have had migraines since I can remember. I am know 53 years old. I can remember as a little girl going to the hospital for a "research" study, being hooked up to those awful receptors and told to go to sleep. This after not being allowed to sleep for 24 hrs just to force a migriane attack.

The only thing that did was ensure I wuld get one and that it would be bad. So on medicine I went. Not always able to go to school and when I did could not participate in alot of activiites. I am a twin, my sister fortunatley does not suffer from these but my mother and her father did. We seem to have the same brain wave patterns. Anyway after years of nothing just medicine I had surgery that should have helped... It didnt. Then back on pain killers for most of my life. I know have a liver that looks like I drank all of my life, I don't know what that will do to me.

I tried botox last year, it was an awful experience at times it made them worse. I did accupunture, I do massage thereapy, I was on topamax for 3 years, think that was worse!! Then asked to be taken off of it. That has helped a bit but i am still on daily medication and take Maxalt for the really bad time. I have to work as much as I can because I carry the insurance for myself. If I didnt try to go to work every day then I would not have any insurance and couldnt afford to even take the medicine. Why does it have to be so expensive for us?

I don't see alot of talk about that on here. That is a trigger for me too. The weather, stress, certain foods all of it. There are days when I would love to just be normal. Sometimes I can be free of a headache for a few hours... then boom!! its right back, the fog, the pain, the depression all of it.

I soooo want to be with my kids, husband, and grandkids. But there are days when its impossible to be "normal" . Thank GOD I have a wonderful family that understands.



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