Why I left worship this morning.

I was in worship service about two minutes when an invisible cloud of fragrance overwhelmed me.

As there was no one seated in front of me, it could only be coming from the heavily packed row of seniors behind me.

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Before the service began, I whispered in my husbands' ear that I was going to have to move due to the perfume. While the children sang, I became nauseated. As soon as they finished their song, I walked out of service and raced to my car to gulp in fresh air. I spent an hour in the car with a sweater over my watering eyes and my hand pressed to the throbbing pain in my head waiting for my family.

When we came home, I stripped off all of my clothes as they still smelled of the perfume and showered to rid my hair and body of the fragrance. I've eaten some crackers for the nausea and taken Imitrex for the headache and am now waiting for pain to subside. I wish that others would consider what they are doing when they chose to douse themselves with fragrance.

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