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For the last 27 years I have strictly avoided any foods that contain D glutamate. And I am 100% migraine free as long as I get enough sleep. About once a year I eat something by mistake and have a migraine rated at about nine since I cannot do anything except roll over in bed and throw up. 1 teaspoon of soy milk was the problem this year. Previous year was a yogurt that contained whey protein concentrate. To find out more about D glutamate go to www.truthinlabelling.com. There is a huge difference between D glutamate and L glutamate. Don't let anyone tell you that glutamate is glutamate is glutamate.... Even Ira Flato on Science Friday on NPR radio has it wrong. The shape of the molecule makes all the difference. If You drive a car you know that gasoline is mostly octane. Why doesn't decane, heptane, nonane, hexane work equally with that engine? It's all the same molecule; just shorter or longer chains. But it does make a huge difference.
Become your own chemist and read those ingredients lists for things like anything hydrolyzed texturized concentrated modified protein. Disodium Inosinate, disodium Guanylate and aspartame are bad for my situation also. Eat fresh! No boxes no packages no packets no cans unless it's something like green beans in water. Even tuna in water has vegetable broth. Get the very low sodium tuna that really is only tuna and water!

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