I am free from Migraine Headaches after 30 years!

I suffered from Migraine headaches which are triggered by Citrus foods, especially after I have exerted myself physically. Like after working out, sports etc. Within minutes of consuming a beverage or a food which is citrus in nature, the flashes begin and once the flashes disappear after 20 minutes or so, the headaches comes like a vengeance. Only after hours of throwing up does it finally settle. But the after effects of the episode lasts into the next day as well.

I can only say that I stumbled on the solution to my migraine headaches and therefore can only attribute it to knowledge from my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

This is the solution - Immediately when the flashes appear, I swallow two Panadol's and I consume the biggest plate of white Rice/Food I can get my hands on as quickly as I can. I basically fill my stomach with food as much as I can handle. I don't lay down but stay upright throughout the next few hours.

The flashes disappear like they always do after 30 minutes but the headaches do not come.
Since that day I have had at least a dozen such attacks but at each point after following the above steps, the headaches never came up at all.
I am free from migraine headaches, Praise God! Thank you Jesus

Hope this solution helps you as well.

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