French Fries and Migraines

As I write this, I'm at work with a migraine. I took Cambia this morning, and it's not working that well. This migraine started when went to the gym last night after taking a month off with constant migraines. It felt great to go to my boxing class, but about 5 am this morning, the migraine hit.

I did the usual - take my medication, eat something, debate about whether to going to work or not. Unless I'm dizzy, I always go to work. Like most with chronic migraines, I have to save my sick days for the really bad ones.

Then, this thing that happens to me with migraines happened at about 10:30am. My stomach cramped and felt bottomlessly empty and nauseous. I knew the only thing that would fix it. French fries.

French fries have been my safe food with migraines for years now. For some strange reason, they seem to be the only thing to help stave off the nausea and stomach cramps. Maybe it's the starch or the blandness, but it's the only thing that I can eat when I feel this way.

Do you have a go to food that helps with the nausea?

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