Friendship lost

My migraines have ravaged my body & soul. My strength is faltering. I reach out to family & friends. I know its not their job but my family supports me through these rough times. I don't know what I'd do without them. See, they know, they suffer too. They get it. Unfortunately not all do. I just lost another "friend" this week because my health is too much of an issue for him to handle. I really don't understand the shallow, selfishness that follows that thinking. Maybe because they don't have to deal with it, they choose not too. I suppose it is their choice. They figure why put up with the trouble when they can just have a good time. It hits the ego hard when you realize that people are more concerned with their fun than a friend. I thought love was unconditional. Boy was I off base. Some day I'l find someone that loves me just the way I am. In the meantime, I'l just sigh and wonder what goes through their head. Truthfully, if they think it sucks to only have to watch a migraine, they should try having one. I really am dumbfounded by this. I know they don't get it, but it still stings a lot. I guess I'll have faith that tomorrow will be a new better day. I hope I'l be able to see all day, not have pain & feel both arms. I guess I can only live life by example. Funny how others bring us around to ourselves.

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