From 16 a month to not a single migraine for 8 weeks

I had a headache last week, took 2 Tylenol and 1/2 watched, 1/2 listened to a movie.  Three months ago I was taking between 10 and 16 tablets (a triptan) every month, today none.

When I kept a migraine diary I never found a single consistent trigger. I tried everything. Giving up wheat was almost the most difficult but is surpassed by having good solid routines, never managed that at all. When I used the Niacin remedy I had more than the expected flush and ended up in the emergency room so this put me off usisng vit B supplements. I wish it hadn't.

Mostly I would wake at between 3 and 4 with 8/10 pain in my head sometimes one sided. I would vomit more than 50 % of the time until I started using triptans. Then I got more headaches but the medication worked well. Mostly I would wake take a pill, writhe around the bed for a couple of hours, recover. Go to work take another pill as the migraine returned with 48 hours and then another. A gap of 3-6 days and repeat. I used very hot baths immersing my head and face up to my nose. I would only do this if my husband was around as I would need help. I've never had a good explanation of why this helps but it always did.

I decided to do my yearly health kick and vit D supplement to cover winter in Vermont. Eight weeks ago I received my liquid hypoallergenic vit B supplement, it has reduced niacin (B6). I had come across it when looking for a liquid vit D. I took a full dose with breakfast and was nauseous within 2 hours (no hives or blood pressure drop though) so I reduced both by half. No nausea and after a week I realized I had not had a headache in a while ( I have not had more than 14 days without a migraine for 10 years). It is eight weeks now and I have had 3 very mild headaches and some mild nausea, phono and photophobia. I have not taken a single migraine pill.

Maybe it is not the vit B it could be the vit D or the combination with the vit C powder, I don't care. For me this is a miracle. I have no intention of stopping the supplements to prove it to anyone. Up till 4 weeks ago I would wake in the morning thinking "do I have a headache?" WOW, I don't, just a little nasal congestion, nothing much at all".

I am not a fan of supplements and have read some internet sites about not expecting supplements to be the answer but have to tell you this is amazing and definitely worth trying. It has changed my life. I am 57 and really should not be taking triptans and now I don't have to. Please don't dismiss this as post menopausal as the decrease would have been gradual and I have as many hot flashes now as I did 8 weeks ago.

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