My whole life has been lived with a migraine in the backdrop

Now, at age 35, i live migraine free for about a year. It took most of my adult life going through trial and error with doctors and medicine to get to the place i am in now. I have tried most every medicine there is and every diet known to man, but self responsibility seemed to work out the best.

In my early years, since age 5, i just cried through the pain in the dark. in my teens, i suffered through not being invited to hangout because i "might have a headache anyway". In my adult life, i sought out any possible "cure", because i would take any relief i could get. Many missed opportunities with family, friends, work promotions and love have made me feel like i have not lived with migraine, but suffered because of migraines.

Migraines have caused me to live in the dark for 30 years and now the light is bright, but i enjoy it. I have learned to manage the way i live to keep those headaches at bay for as long as possible, but occasionally one will try to sneak up on me. When a headache appears now, i am prepared. I always carry a headache kit in my purse, every migraineur should have one. I have not enjoyed the last 30 years, but plan on enjoying the next 30. I will not miss the headaches or the silly comments people make when they don't understand the headache i have. I have been sticking to my diet and not enjoying those trigger foods that will get me in trouble. I have been exercising my body and mind which helps more than you would believe. I enjoy the last hour of every day because my night time regimen allows me continue the headache free zone i wish to live in. I take a long relaxing shower, meditate and deep-breathing exercises are next, and finally enjoy a nice neck massage from my shiatsu machine before going to bed to get my required 8 hours of sleep.

I live migraine free now, but feel responsible to help those who aren't. i know what works for me may not work for others, but just listening and letting others know you understand could change a migraineurs life. I joined a support group and it has changed my outlook on my life. I looked back on the last 35 years of my life and i am missing from a lot of pictures, but now i am the first one in the shot. Living with migraine is painful for all involved, but mostly for those who suffer in silence with no one to listen. I often wondered if anyone would be there to hold the icepack on my head, hold my hand during those scary hospital stays, hold my hair back during those hanging over the toilet moments, hold me up during those feeling so bad you'll lay down anywhere cold moments or just watch over me and keep it absolutely quiet while i try to sleep it off moments.

I have to say that now there is and he is not a migraine sufferer, but being open and honest about my history and the things i need from him have turned him into my migraine saint. I wish everyone had someone in there corner just like him. He knows my migraines almost as well as i do and gives me everything i need to stay on the headache free path. I am now living with migraines, not suffering with migraines...never thought i would say that, but it sure feels awesome. My life is full of good times with family and friends instead of memories of darkness and sickness.

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