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So frustrated and so alone dealing with very little support or understanding

I feel so very alone. It's exhausting trying to appear fine when you are tired and in pain. Almost no one seems to care or even try to understand (my husband and one friend are supportive). My 19-year old son does not understand why he can't where cologne in the house or why he can't talk loudly even though I try to educate him.

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Life is becoming smaller and smaller as I can do less and less as my migraines are becoming worse with age. I am working with my doctor and continue to try and find relief. I live in Canada and I am on a two-year waiting list to see a specialist. I am still working but find it hard to always pretend I am fine. I can't talk about my exciting life as the only things I really do are go to work and go home. When I have to call in sick to work again I am embarrassed because how could someone be "sick" again. I don't want people's pity but some understanding or empathy would mean a lot.

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