My jouney began last spring when I was having constant migraines. I was put on Topamax and it worked wonders and I pretty much found out what my trigger was, which was stress.

Now fast foward 6 month no migraine, off Topamax because I could no longer afford it. So a few weeks ago I go to HR block to get my taxes filed and the lady has some type of perfume, insense, or something that triggered my migraine and was in bed for the next day when I had to go to my family doctor and get a shot, and then was prescribed pain pills and nausea meds. Then for the next week I have a migraine on and off.

Finally call the doctors office and beg them to put me back on the Topamax. They do. And Sunday I have a horrible migraine that did not go away with the Imitrex, pain pills, or anything else for that matter. The doctor was terrible and pretty much griped me out for not starting on the Topamax the first time I got the migraine in 6 months.

So here I am at 3:00am hoping that another migraine goes away and just wanting to share my story.

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