Frustration to the MAX

I have had migraines for about 20 years. at first was told that the pain was due to my sinuses. I have had 4 sinus surgery's since I was in my 20's I am 54 now. the last one a few years ago. With each surgery my pain got worse more often and more intense. I finally found a doctor that diagnosed me with migraines, so probably all that sinus surgery was not necessary.

Anyway so I am at the point of dealing with migraines every other day for a few months now and feeling muscle weakness, and very little energy physically, mentally I am great happy but sometimes it is all I can do just to get through the work day. Currently on Relpax, and butterbur,coq10, vit. B. magnesium I have already tried Depakote, Topamax, blood pressure meds.

Sinus meds, and rinses up the the hilt all which triggered migraines, and now I use zetonna in my sinuses frustrated with the passing back and forth with doctors, the side effects of these so called prevention meds, and I feel that sometimes my husband doesn't understand why I am getting them so often and I feel he gets fed up with it.

Well that's my story the short version.

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