[DO NOT PUBLISH] Gail's Migraine Story

Well just as I thought I found some relief from the intensity of my Migraines, it came back in a big way. I noticed early last week it kinda coming on, but after a trip to the eye doctor and testing for the double vision I started getting last year it kicked into high gear.

My jaw/neck pain is back the TMJ device is not helping anymore. Very sensitive to cologne and perfume - this is a new feature (yea!), yes on the sensitivity to light and sound and my double vision is back. The pain level is about 8 out of 10.

All I want to do is sleep to get away from the pain. I was given dualidad last time I was at the hospital and that worked the first few times I took it. It's not anymore, (I have asked for a new script for the physical therapy I was getting for my jaw and neck, but that hasn't been approved yet). So like so many others I suffer with no sight of relief.

I left work after a 1/2 day yesterday, I've pretty much used up all my sick time already and most of my vacation is gone. I got "the talk" from my boss this morning about it - little does he know I'm here just to get things done and then I will be leaving again to go home and sleep.

My depression and self-esteem are at a way time low… I just rather not be here if this is what the rest of my life looks like. I endure…

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