4 Generations of Migraine Headaches

Our history: My Maternal & Paternal Grandmothers had Migraines albiet without a title.  My Mother experienced them.  My Sister & I have, my Daughter has/does and now my 15 yr. of Grandson!

We all experienced severe pain, hair hurting, photophobia, nausea, vomiting, facial pain as well as the feeling of severe pressure. Our pupils get pinpoint, we get pale, want to be alone, do not want noice and or light.

We have all been given medications that don't work as well as advice that borders on insanity to live with it, things could be worse.  Just writing this brings memories floating in my mind as well as anger at the "laissez faire" attitude of most people who don't experience this.

Migraine headaches upset everything about our everyday lives and anyone who is a part of it.  The majority of companies we work for do not comprehend what this is about especially when we have to go home in what feels like agony.  Then, when the headache is over; well it isn't in a way because we are exhausted with a headache that is extremely sensitive.

I have often thought that if I was an artist, I would draw myself, with a headache, thusly:  the skeleton face would be drawn with a pencil with shading for more painful areas.  There would be no shading in the tears that are streaming out of the eye sockets, down the face to the bottom of the paper.

I am now a 72 yr. young Registerd Nurse who is soon to retire.  I have had enough migraine pain to last me many lifetimes and my heart hurts for my daughter and grandson who's lives are continuousy impacted by every Migraine headache.

I wish to thank you for posting this site.  It leads me to believe there is hope while I know that it will take a long time to convince our communities that we are for real and we need their help and understanding


Ann (Stevenson)

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