Getting close to chronic

I've been an episodic migraineur for the last 10 years. I average 10-12 a month and they typically last 1-4 hours and the majority are an average level of pain. I've occasionally had only 6 or 7 a month. Every so often, such as now, I have one every other day or every day. They get more severe and last longer.

As they accumulate, I feel muscle soreness in my back and neck. I feel in contact need of a massage. I feel emotional, wiped out and spaced out. Today

I started a 3 day course of dexamethasone. I pray it works. I've had good results with it in the past but not always. It makes me feel like I've had 6 cups of coffee. I fear that they will never go away.

I turned 45 this winter and wonder if my hormones are involved in this increase. I wonder how thats even evaluated and treated. I'm scheduled for a new patient visit with a neurologist who treats migraine. I also want to see my OB/GYN.

My headache specialist no longer takes insurance. This forum has been educational as well as a place to receive support, so I'm sharing my story. I would love some feedback.

By the way, the only think that helps me is relpax and I may be having MOH migraines. I've tried a ton of preventatives. Currently on 100 mg of verapamil ER. Which seemed to help the first 6 weeks but no more.

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