Give me a little hope... maybe??

I have suffered with chronic migraines since I was 17. Nearly 40 years. I've tried everything known to mankind to treat them .. to no avail. I just had my first round of Botox on January 18th. Please tell me this might give me some relief?? I have a migraine sometimes every 3 weeks, sometimes every 6 weeks. They can last anywhere from 3 days to 6 days. I take all of the prescribed "preventive" drugs my neurologist has me on. I go to his office immediately (the first day he's open, my migraine normally attacks on a weekend) and get a butt cheek full of Dilaudid, Toradal, and Phenergan. Then I'm driven home in my narcotic stupor to try to sleep for a few hours. Most times when I wake up I still have the migraine. I'm just praying that I will see a little relief from the Botox. Has anyone else tried it? Did you notice any differences in frequency? Thank you for listening. I'll pray for you all because I know how horrible these things called "migraines" are.


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