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In the sea of information I have sought out, I caught one passing comment on this website that said 75% of migraine sufferers see some relief when they eliminate gluten from their diet. That was a statistic worth paying attention to, and it has changed my life! Without going into too much detail about why and how, etc. I would strongly encourage – even beg – every migraine sufferer (or anyone suffering from any autoimmune or inflammatory condition!) to try this!! What could it hurt? PLEASE TRY THIS!!

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  • Jude
    3 years ago

    Good Topic!
    At 44 years of age I found out that I have Celiac disease.
    In my teans I was always under weight, with stomach pain. I had a bad home life. I got the hell out of there when I was 18 and never looked back.
    Under weight my whole life, had three children, put the weight on, but finally could not ignore the mid region stomach pain any longer. Upper and lower GI, came back Celiac.
    Cold Turkey no Gluten, the Gastro Dr said it would take easy about 18 months to heal my gut because of the damage.
    I’m now almost 50.
    When I cheat, and sometimes I do. Damn those NYC bagels look delish, I used to be able to eat 1/2.
    now, I can’t even take a bite. I’m doubled over in pain for 2 days afterward. Migraines follow for two weeks afterward.
    There is a connection for me.
    You are correct.
    – J

  • pam bitterman author
    3 years ago

    Right! Alcohol, soy, corn, dairy and a plethora of other food triggers are things I avoid as well. Plus all the unnatural additives and substitutes. Oddly, though, what I found about gluten for me was that eliminating it entirely (that is a BIG elimination!) made me less susceptible to every other irritant. Like an allergy, when the primary cause of the reaction is eliminated, the body is just stronger and healthier and more able to tolerate all the other s as well. My energy and vitality and general vibrancy have returned. I wish it for us all!!

  • Anne
    3 years ago

    I cut gluten out of my diet and also dairy. I am currently on a no-sugar, no corn and no soy diet as those can also cause inflammatory reactions in some people. I agree that everyone with frequent migraines should try diet as a tool in helping to lessen triggers. While gluten never triggered a migraine for me, I know that alcohol does. One drink = migraine. 🙁

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