Going in circles with rebound headaches

For years I've been suffering with rebound headaches from overuse of Excedrin to treat impending migraines. I only realized what my problem was when I went to a neurologist/headache specialist. Once I told him how the headaches woke me every day early in the morning around the same time and taking excedrin would relieve them he put me on a dose of steroids and told me to throw away my excedrin. So I felt great for awhile but then the frequent headaches returned in spite of taking a daily amitryptiline plus magnesium and riboflavin supplements as directed by my neuro. I can't take imitrex more than 2x per week and needing to function I went back to the excedrin. So I'm caught in a vicious cycle of rebound headaches. I know I can go back to my doc and break the cycle with steroids but then what do I do when the frequent headaches return? I've tried ice packs, heat packs, live a healthy lifestyle, am fit in every way other than my head. I keep a headache diary and can discern no pattern or trigger. I'm at my wits end and am getting so depressed. I have a wonderful life with a caring, supportive husband, family and friends but can't get beyond this constant pain cycle. Has anyone succeeded in kicking rebound headaches long term? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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