Good, how are you?

Hi, how are you? Good, how are you?... you say it every day out in public but it really is just habit for people. At least for me it was, until my migraines became chronic. Now I sometimes count how many times I wish I would just be honest and tell people I'm miserable but no one wants to hear that! No one really wants to hear about your pain because they can't always understand something they can't see.

Well today, I'm not good. I'm tired, the kind of tired where sleep won't help you any more. Sleep is just the only time you don't notice the pain, unless of course it's bad enough to wake you from that bliss too. I'm the kind of tired where only family and friends can replenish your soul. They give you hope and courage to move on to the next day. I'm frustrated with Dr's, medications, ER's and the everyday Joe that has a cure. My life is wasting away as I wait for this or that to help with little progress, so today my answer is, I'm tired.

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