Grandson confusion

My wife and I have had custody of our grandson for most of his life as our daughter is still trying to find her way. For years our grandson ( he will be 6 in December 2014) has complained of being Dizzy from time to time. At first when he was very young (3) it was difficult to know if he was really that way or just tired or something. As time went on and we started tracking it we realized he had something going on. We started seeing a neurologist. I believe he has had all the test possible, EKG, 2 hr EEG, 48 hr EEG, CTs, MRIs, blood work you name it, he even had a EEG while he was having a dizzy spell ( which usually last most of the day). The thought was he was having some type of seizure. He has been to a ear, nose and throat doctor to see if he may suffer from vertigo. the results were negative. The short of it is she ( the neurologist) did not find any sign of seizure and the good news is his brain, heart and blood are all normal. He is a very healthy boy.

So the conclusion was he is having Migraine headaches which his mother also suffers from. the weird thing which the Docs cant explain is like clock work this happens to him almost every 3 months to the day. it will start with him being sick and vomiting all night long (only at night) and then on the 3rd day after his sick night he will wake up complaining of dizziness. The 2 days in between he is a normal never stop 6 year old. the last 2 times he has been saying that behind his eyes hurt and he has always been sensitive to light on his "dizzy day". I am a little skeptical on whether he is suffering from migraines although I have no better explanation and I kind of feel that the neurologist came to that conclusion the same way. I have no idea if migraines follow a pattern like this and am not understanding the sickness 3 day prior and have no explanation from the docs.

So maybe someone has experienced this themselves or knows someone who has.

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