Have Half a Head Horribly Hurting...

Hi all. Over two years ago my migraine started and hasn't stopped since. Luckily it as never sent me to a dark room in agony but instead it has baseline of tolerable headache (on 1200mg of Gabapentin, and anti depressant beta blocker and nerve blocker) with episodes of increase and sometimes troughs where its lighter but never gone.

These leave me a bit aphasic (nouns, where are you?), with jamais vu, (I call it 'vuja de'), and a malaise that last a few days. My head hates cold weather. What I have struggled with most is the exhaustion, confusion, loss of aptitude and a cognitive impairment unable to work out basic things I can usually easily do. I tried lots of things; diet, nutritional therapy, chiropractor and then l stopped fighting and accepted it. Currently I am seeking a physio recommended by my neurologist who is real hands on but so far no joy; glad I tried but... As I am sure for many it's the same but my resilience and confidence are on the floor and I am really down and isolating myself but my counsellor is helping me with that. Still, soldier on!

Thanks for listening.

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