Hate being a Patient.

I got my first headache when I was ten, by the time I was in college I was having chronic headaches. Migraines entered into my life when I was in my early twenties. Now I sit here at thirty-four and I am being forced to look at disability as a means for me to have an income. I was once a great makeup-artist with life and energy running through my body. Now I have to fight to even do simple task as walking my dog. I also have to fight severe menstrual migraines that can last up to two weeks. My triggers can range from perfume, sun light, smoke, msg, low blood sugar, cheese and emotional stress. The hardest part about living with migraine disease is the loneliness. I am forced to live with a disease that many think is nothing more than a really bad headache. I am so very sick of living within my four walls. I do however have strong faith that God hears me and knows of what I deal with. So with that I know I am not truly alone.

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