Head-butters Who Need To Butt Out

Okay so I have this club that I'm in at school. It's a nice club with about 6 regular members. There is one girl who has migraines like me. And despite us having this connection.... I hate her guts.

The reason why is simply because even though she has migraines like me, both with episodic migraines, she is a total jerk about them.

I admit I complain a lot about my migraines, my other stories show why I mean migraines interfere with my life in general. Boyfriend, school, family, study time, personal time, heck even interfere with my club! So I do complain a lot.

But this girl... My gosh you would think that she has never had a true migraine in her life!

She doesn't flip out or anything when I mention them, or tell her I have one, but she does get this face like she just sucked on a lemon. It's really annoying. Then she starts in on the unneeded advice...

It's stuff I hear all the time and yet she just repeats it and then gets mad at me when I tell her it won't work, or that I've tried or even that I just don't want to and she tells me not to complain....

Now granted I don't know her medical history and about two years ago I didn't even know who she was. But I cannot stand her. And she gets this annoyed look on her face every time I bring up migraines and new treatments in general. And she tells me to stop complaining even when I'm not. She acts as if the questions and thoughts I have about migraines are nothing but stupid words.

Honestly I would avoid her but she is the new leader of my club and I don't want to quit solely based on her.

Now the reason I post this story is really to wonder and ask if anyone has ever dealt with someone who was a similar condition to you, whether it be migraines, lupus or any other diseases. Have you ever dealt with someone in a similar position who you just can't stand?

Or have you ever become jealous of someone like that? Because there are days I'm sure as heck jealous of her. I miss days and weeks of school because of migraines and she has a damn near perfect record of attendance. She even gets on me for missing club meetings.

It's frustrating, that's for sure.

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