Headache for weeks

My Migraines are the kind that come on without rhyme or reason and then stay for a very long time. My first one lasted 3 days. They hit without any warning normally while I sleep. I awake with a headache that hurts in both the front and the back the base of my skull and my forehead.

It does not responded to any pain pills that are over the counter and things like trying to go back to sleep do not work either. In FACT anything I try and that works on the pain only do so for a short time then the pain returns worse than before. As the pain spreads up my skull and toward the back it hurts more then when they join up I cannot stand light or sound even my own breathing causes great pain. The use of over the counter migraine meds do nothing because I cannot keep them down so it is off to the Doc I must go.  They have run out of drugs that work on easing the pain and stopping the vomiting. The only sounds that do not cause pain is GOSPEL Music.

My wife is the person who gets me through these vile things and without her they pain can last for days since she is the one who takes me to the doctor and stays at my side when others would have said NO to helping me. My throwing up would cause most people to say go away not to help me so she is a GIFT from GOD. It is also her calm reasoning that gets me to go before they get to their worst. Now I take a med that keeps my migraines AWAY. It has worked super since I started taking it with only one Migraine since the original dose which requires an increase in the dosage. That pill is called Amytriptiline and is normally used for Depression which causes some questions from Doctors but it works wonderfully. I suggest that anyone not being helped by normal meds like those designed for Migraines talk to your Doctor about it.

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