Headaches: 1000000, Me: 0

If I didn’t have headaches
who would I be
I may never know
lucky unlucky me

The pain never stops
but no one can tell
and this is normal for me
living unwell

My enthusiasm for life
is sorely lacking
and it’s not that I’m negative
or that I’m slacking

My companion is pain
while searching for hope
the next procedure might help
but I’m thinking nope

So another day, another headache
is what I think when I wake
and I want to quit my whole life
but too much is at stake

I get up for Hannah
and try to grow toward the sun
to show her a life
well lived, with some fun

But when I’m alone
and everything is still
I see 40 more years
of this pain with no pill

And I get really f#@!$%@ mad.

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