Headaches/Migraines for 21 years

I had a benign brain tumor removed in 1998, but the headaches and migraines started. They have gotten worse since with different areas of pain. Initially it was the site of my surgery where the pain started but it changed every once and a while. Then as of 4 years ago, the headaches and migraines start at the bridge of the nose and spread. So I do have facial pain along with that. I've tried 20 different medications, I've had additional surgery, infusions, preventative injections, botox, SPG blocks. Nothing has helped.

I believe a big trigger for me is barometric pressure. So I might need to move out of my current area into a better part of the country that has stabilized pressure. But it is a continuous fight every day to work, to enjoy life, to want to get involved in social activities. Most of the time the energy is sucked out of me because of dealing with pain all day.

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