The Headless Horsewoman

I am obsessed with Halloween. Every year, I elaborately decorate my cubicle at work - it's been a graveyard, where I cut through astroturf so it looked like I was rising from the dead to work; a mad science laboratory, complete with brains made of jello; the Overlook Hotel in the Shining (I actually found a Jack Nicholson wig to wear); and this year, it will be the haunted abode of a fortune teller. I love Halloween and all the creepiness that goes with it. So, today when I told my coworker that my migraine makes me want to take my head off and throw it at someone started me thinking - what if ghouls suffer from migraines?

Maybe the headless horseman started out with a head, but due to the relentless pain of migraine, chose to be damned to an eternity without a head rather than the nails in the brain of migraine.

Maybe Dracula's migraines forced him to sleep all day, rather than suffer with the photosensitivity that migraines cause. And, maybe sunlight doesn't burn his skin, rather it's migraine that makes his skin so sensitive, even a little warmth is painful. And, we do get weird food cravings with migraines...

Maybe the mummy just couldn't find any clothes that were comfortable enough with the full body nerve pain? Wrapping yourself in a sheet rather than feel anything on your skin is definitely something I've done before when having an attack.

And I've definitely stumbled around like Frankenstein when migraines give me joint pain and clumsiness. And, like Frankenstein, I've been experimented on by hordes of some good and some evil doctors while I searched for help with my symptoms.

And, who hasn't felt like a zombie after spending days in bed being too exhausted to move and too nauseous to eat. Maybe they're not saying they want to eat 'brains' but rather trying to communicate that their brains are not working due to aphasia that comes with migraine.

And what migraine sufferer hasn't thrown together any number of weird ingredients in a desperate attempt to find some sort of cure, like a witch standing over a cauldron. I once wore frozen socks because it was suggested as a migraine treatment and don't get me started on the kooky supplements I've taken in the sea.

So, this Halloween, show the monsters and ghouls some love. After all, they may just be fellow migraine sufferers.

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