Histamine Intolerance and Migraines

I have very severe Hemiplegic that cause paralysis down the left side and brain stem migraines that make my scalp hurts (the scalp is the pain sensory for brain stem migraines). For several years I have been on amitryptyline and sumatriptan salons with injections.

I have also suddenly become allergic and reactive to just about every medication (including topomax and other migraine drugs) and after unsuccessful allergy shots (I had severe reactions to the lowest dose) my allergist alerted me to a couple of possible conditions - Histamine intolerance and Mast Cell disorder (mast cells aid in DAO the enzyme in the stomach that controls histamine). The probable cause: 6 years on amitryptyline which inhibits DAO production. The result is the bodies constant state of histamine overload and migraine.

Things I was eating all the time to be healthy such as spinach and tomatoes are actually huge histamine triggers. You can't have salmon or tuna, cinnamon or olives, olive oil or that low cal vinaigrette I love. Probably the most restrictive diet ever.

So my doctor stopped amitryptyline which was hard because I was on it for years but it felt like my head and nose were just draining and my belly fat dropped sharply. Next is DAO supplements before eating and following this very restrictive histamine intolerance diet.

I'm not out of the woods yet as more treatment may be needed if my mast cells are damaged, but I feel I am on the right track.

If you are eating healthy and following the book on migraines with no improvement you may want to consider histamine intolerance as a possible trigger. Some of the healthiest foods are on the list and I am shocked by how different I feel already-on the way to better-but I miss my salmon and spinach!

I thought I would share this especially if you, like me, are eating healthy and following the rules on migraines but still feeling sick, it might be something you might want to discuss with your doctor.

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