Holding on for a miracle

I have tried everything for my migraines and nothing helps. I get some relief for short periods – then I work like mad to make up for the “lazy days” before the next one strike. I’m a minister and have often had the “pleasure” to try and preach with a full blown migraine. Once I had to do a funeral but the nausea and vomiting was so bad. I had to go to the doctor for an intravenous injection. From there I went straight into the funeral. I felt so bad for the family because I sounded and felt drugged – because I was!
Like most on this site I’m fed up trying to explain it to others. Tired of my husband asking "again" with each attack. I’m tired of justifying myself and the pain I’m in. I’m tired of trying to convince myself that it’s not that bad, that I can get through it. And I’m so very tired of nothing working for it. Lately my blood pressure is acting up with each attack, increasing my anxiety about the attacks.
I’m a Star Trek fan. Every time I watch Dr McCoy cure someone with a press of a button I wish I can do it with my migraines. Maybe someone will find a miracle cure for migraines – until then I will see each day without a migraine as a miracle.

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