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Holding on for a miracle

I have tried everything for my migraines and nothing helps. I get some relief for short periods – then I work like mad to make up for the “lazy days” before the next one strike. I’m a minister and have often had the “pleasure” to try and preach with a full blown migraine. Once I had to do a funeral but the nausea and vomiting was so bad. I had to go to the doctor for an intravenous injection. From there I went straight into the funeral. I felt so bad for the family because I sounded and felt drugged – because I was!
Like most on this site I’m fed up trying to explain it to others. Tired of my husband asking “again” with each attack. I’m tired of justifying myself and the pain I’m in. I’m tired of trying to convince myself that it’s not that bad, that I can get through it. And I’m so very tired of nothing working for it. Lately my blood pressure is acting up with each attack, increasing my anxiety about the attacks.
I’m a Star Trek fan. Every time I watch Dr McCoy cure someone with a press of a button I wish I can do it with my migraines. Maybe someone will find a miracle cure for migraines – until then I will see each day without a migraine as a miracle.

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  • Marian P.
    2 years ago

    I have just joined this site so I am a new member and hope somebody can help. I’ve just seen your message Magdalena which was posted on 5th February. I know how you are feeling so well, nobody can imagine just how Migraine can ruin our lives, it’s the worst kind of disability as nobody can see how terrible we are feeling or how much pain we are in. I’ve had migraines for over 40 years, I am 70 now and my whole life has been ruined and it’s got so much worse lately. I’ve seen so many migraine experts in the UK and have tried just about every medication known to man but I’m still as bad as ever. I’ve tried preventatives and they don’t suit me. My life is so bad I can hardly ever go out now, cannot belong to anything and don’t have a social life any longer. It’s just too embarrassing to keep having to cancel things at the last minute so it’s best not to plan. I have had to rely on “Triptan” medication and pain killers and am now in the “Medication Overuse” bracket sadly and being told to go “cold turkey” and just use anti-sickness tablets and live through it! That’s advice from a leading neurologist in the UK! She’s offered me two lots of medication that I told her I cannot take as it lowers my pulse so that’s out of the question. I am hoping that somebody out there has lived through going “cold turkey” and survived and does it work longterm? I am absolutely desperate to try and get off these triptan drugs but just don’t know how as I become deperately ill without a “triptan” to ease the pain down. I have been told if I don’t come off the triptans I could have a stroke so am really really worried and need some urgent help from somebody else who has been through the “cold turkey” and lived to tell the tale. I really hope somebody will be able to help. I am feeling so down and depressed, not clinically depressed but just depressed because I don’t have a life, I just survive and can’t join in with anything. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi there Marian P.,
    First of all…welcome to our community! We are so happy that you have joined us. Please know you are not alone and you have an entire community behind you who understands what you are going through. Please always feel free to reach out for support.

    I thought I would share this article with you from one of our contributors who inadvertently went “cold turkey” and shares her experience. You may also find the comments at the conclusion of the article useful to review. –

    Also, I know it is extremely challenging to stay positive, but please do not give up hope for better days ahead! I do have another article that discusses a lot of the same sentiments which you have shared…the feeling as though you have tried everything –

    Again, please know we are always here for support and to lend an ear! Thank you for being here. -Warmly, Joanna ( Team)

  • Luna
    2 years ago

    “until then I will see each day without a migraine as a miracle.”

    And each day with a migraine that we survive is another miracle. Courage

  • Maud
    2 years ago

    Hi Magdalena,

    Thank you for sharing yourself – You really struck a chord with me with this one word..’again’…I too have been asked this hundreds of times. My current partner looks at me almost disbelievingly when I have a full blown pain migraine (minus aura and numbness) but I am still able to function and run my day parallel to the crashing pain. I feel myself reminding him intermittently that I’m still in severe pain so as to turn music down etc.

    Hand in hand with this condition comes constant justification and explaining why we are imperfect…it’s if we WANT to be like this..

    Sending strenght..M

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