Hormone Migraines

I get migraines 2 weeks prior to my menstrual cycle and then while I am on it. So I can go about 3 weeks out of a month with a Migraine. I have been to numerous of doctors and have asked to have my hormones tested and they will not do it. I found one doctor that tested me but I think she tested me at the wrong time and didn't care and so it showed nothing. I have been on birth control and that does nothing for me. I can not find a doctor that will help me with this situation at all except for more pills and shots every month. Now I am immune to the shots so I cant get those any more. I am at a dead end loss of 19 years of this. I take Imitrex and Relpax and I alternate those when I have a migraine. I have taken every preventative out there that they can think of and they don't help or they give me a migraine. Frustrated and can't work and live a life.

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