Hospital ER Experience

I have chronic daily debilitating migraines. I have given up on the words NOT having a migraine to the words of How do you RATE your pain at this time. My normal tolerance is 6 - 8. I can push the 10+ at home as long as I do not get sick to my stomach - once that happens, I'm toast. I have to go to my Doc for a migraine treatment. I am sure I have paid for his newly redecorated office (lol).

I'm sorry but I really need a sounding board or I will unleash on someone & they will not have a head or the possibility of other body parts.

I had to go to ER due to night and Doc was out of town. I really DISLIKE going to ER they do not know a thing & they think they so she has a headache. First, we get there at 11:00 a.m., I am placed in a room where no one is even in the wing. (Yep I am going to be treated) Then this very nice looking Nurse Practitioner was the one who took my case. Figured out that I was dehydrated so she hooks me up to an IV thru my infusa-port & they start running that fluid so fast it makes my port infiltrate. I have had this port for 5 years - so it has run much longer than many, but it was just used the day before & worked fine. That's minimal. Ms. NP gives me a shot of Tordal, which I did at home (it didn't work - but what do I know). Then she proceeds to tell me that I need to Layer my medications so that they will work more efficiently, so she gets 2 regular Tylenol & a shot of 4 ml of Zofran. Since my port seems to be giving them trouble, they send me down to radiology to have it checked.

While I was there, Ms. Doc & my husband have been chatting about how depressed I am & which clinic they need to send me to so I can get over being depressed. By this time I am just furious, she did not give me the medicine I needed, she told my husband I needed different treatment. I just started crying because I was in pain and could do more at home than I got here. I just told them I wanted to go home. Finally they set me free, migraine & all - but I was more than happy to get out of there.

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