How a killer whale gave me migraines

Looking back I probably had migraines as a kid and sporadically as an adult, but it all really started with shamu killing his trainer.

My work allowed me to travel all over the world as a TV photog. I had a bad cold and was dispatched to sea world to cover the story. On the flight over my ears were plugged, and wouldn't be unplugged for 4 months.

I will shorten this part, but I went to 2 Dr. who sent me to his buddy the ENT. The headaches started every night. After an MRI the ENT said "time for surgery". After surgery I had the same sinus infection. Back on antibiotics; 2 months later another surgery; 2 months later another surgery...

Now time for an ENT change... new ENT says. " That other guy was dumb" gives me more drugs... no relief. Another MRI, and guess what..need to do surgery.

This time the tonsils and adnoids come out. 3 Days after surgery I wake up to a mouth full of warm fluid. Being an EMT I knew there was a problem, an artery had broke in my mouth and was losing blood.

I knew the response time was 5 minutes to my house and I lived 8 minutes from the hospital. So my wife drove me to the hospital for emergency surgery. A couple of transfusions later and I was back recovering.

Well that was almost a year ago. I still have daily migraines caused by the sinus infection that can't be killed.

I had to change jobs and lost lots of friends because of missing work and not being able to be the leader I was. I had to start FMLA. Every day I am scared that this sickness will cause me to lose my family. (Totally caused by a crazy childhood. My wife has been wonderful). And I worry that I might have caught something covering Katrina.

I keep trying new drugs but am almost hopeless now. ENT Dr say I'm fine in my sinuses mechanically. But don't understand why I have an infection. Nueros say I have migranes because of sinus infection. My last GP said I was overweight and reading his book would cure me.

My current GP is great but stumped...

So where do I go next?

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