How Are You Feeling?

As a 28-Year-Old, that shouldn't be something that your coworkers and close friends have to ask you every day. Even in previous years, that was the norm. I would go to work and every day, people would see the look of fatigue or pain on my face and ask me how I was feeling.

Migraine Awareness MonthEver since I can remember, I have had these excruciating headaches that would knock me out for several days, but I thought that's all they were, just headaches. I never realized there could be something else going on up there. For the longest time, especially in High School, I thought to myself, why am I staying home today because I have this headache... but why am I going to go to school if I can't concentrate?

Once I was in college and on my own, things got a little tougher and now that I'm in what everyone calls the "Real World", things are a bit clearer and I understood that this is a real problem. Once my schoolwork started suffering and eventually after getting a job, my jobs started suffering, I knew that all of this had to be stopped.

I have thus far lost three jobs and had to resign from one. I am currently in the process of applying for disability because, at the stage that I am in, I cannot do every day work. There are some days when I just can't even get out of bed. My family understands me but at the same time I feel like they don't.

I have spent so many wasted days in and out of ER's and Urgent Care Clinics just for them to give me pain relievers that do nothing for me. I recently spent 5 days in the hospital and have been given an MRI and a CT Scan which have both showed now results.

I have been on preventative and abortive medications for over a year that have only slightly stabilized the migraines, but I still am not at the level that I would liked to be at. I have also received Occipital Nerve Blocks but now that I don't have a job, I don't have Insurance and have also been denied for an insurance policy because of my Migraine History and my ongoing treatment.

I hope that in the coming months, things will begin to look up with a lot of different things, but I know that whatever happens, I have a great supportive family, and a wonderful boyfriend who has stuck by me through all of this and who I could not have done any of this without.

Those of you that are suffering, know that there are so many of us out there that know what you are going through and are supporting you in your battle with this disorder every day. I hope every single day that there can be more answers and more research done in this field to fight for our cause.

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