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How do I get them to understand

The other day, I was called into my bosses office for a quick review of my work. I work as a floating secretary in a large law office. The comments were mostly good but one really irritated me. One person said that I was not enthusiastic and that I had a bad attitude.

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When I have a migraine or a really bad headache, it shows all over my face because I am squinting under the stupid fluorescent lights or I’m yawning because of it. I was chastised about my absences or because I will wear ear phones in one ear to block the noise .

They don’t understand that just about every single day I am in some type of pain and am trying to pretend that I am not. I only miss work when the pain is unbearable or I can’t move because of the nausea. I don’t know what to do. It is so hard to get people to understand how debilitating migraines can be. They think just pop some Advil or Excedrin and keep it moving. It isn’t that easy.

What can I do?

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  • casrak
    7 years ago


    My name is Sascha (male), I put that in there, because most people think I’m female. Most Migraine sufferers can relate to what you are going through, just as most that have never really suffered from this disease don’t really know how debilitating it is. I was first diagnosed while i was in the Air Force back in 2001. The neurologist had diagnosed me with chronic migraine syndrome. She then prescribed Depakopte ER 500mg x2 daily. Over the years the migraines were pretty much controlled, but…. When I was medically discharged from the service a Dr. on the outside said that the medication was damaging my liver. Ever since then I’ve been on different meds. First, Amitryptiline, topamax (had horrible side effects), imitrex, plus a few others. As of right now I am taking Propranolol 80mg Er x2 daily and as an abortive I have Maxalt MLT 10mg and Imitrex Nasal spray. For the most part I guess this works. I still seem to have to go get a shot every week or other week.

    Have you tried talking to you Dr. about any preventives? Maybe worth a try. Just realize you’re not alone, and we as migraine sufferers have to try to educate those that don’t really understand what we go through.

    Keep the faith!
    Sascha (Fellow Migraine Sufferer)

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