How I Cured My Migraines

I started getting migraines in High School. I'm almost 40 now so I've lived with this for over 20 years. For most of the time, the migraines were sporadic. I would get a 2-3 during a month and then nothing for a few months. The frequency of the migraines increased with time until 2011.

I was getting 1-2 migraines a week during this year of hell. I also began experiencing a different kind of headache that was even more frequent. I had these almost every day. These headaches were actually more severe than the migraines. I used to describe them as feeling like I was being poisoned. The contents of my body such as saliva and stomach contents felt toxic and in need of removal. So, when I had one of these "other" headaches, I would go through this routine where after I had been sick for a while I would get nauseous. I would then force myself to drink an excessive amount of warm water. I would slosh it around in my stomach to make sure to mix with whatever was down there. I would make myself vomit. I would repeat this until the deepest contents of my stomach were banished forthwith. I usually wouldn't feel better until I expelled the liver bile. I would do this until I cleaned myself out or until my gag reflex was worn out.

During this time in my life, I was lucky to have 1-2 days a week without a severe headache. On these days I had a constant, mild headache and was happy with that. I forgot to mention that I'm allergic to Relpax. After I reacted to Relpax I never took a migraine medication again. I had to deal with whatever came without alleviant.

My migraines and severe headaches were all relatively severe. Lights and sound were not something I could tolerate. It was a pitch black room, alternative ice packs and vomiting for me.

I read in an article that claimed migraines were causing brain lesions. I found this statement to be excessively easy to believe. I propose we would be hard pressed to find many migraine sufferers who haven't felt diminished mentally by the experience. Who among us in this unfortunate club hasn't been unnerved and fearful of what exactly is going on up there that would cause such pain? I decided to take a more proactive approach and at least attempt to figure out if I was doing something that contributed to this condition. I had always viewed migraines as a a misfortune of genetics and something I had no choice but to accept. The reality of brain damage changed that attitude in a hurry.

So, in order to lessen the possibility of making an error if progress was made, I tried to control as many variables of my daily life as possible. Every day I would eat the same things and use the same products. Then I would remove something that I thought might be a trigger. I found that cheese is my main food trigger. After removing cheese from my diet I had a slight but noticeable decrease in migraines but the other headaches were still ruining my life.

About a year had passed since this onslaught of headaches. Anyone who suffers with migraines or severe headaches knows about the kind of depression they can cause. It feels like the life get sucked right out of the walls. I would feel my brain being stripped of its "feel good" chemicals and was basically "playing naked". The depression used to be much easier to deal with because I knew it was only temporary. I would just tell myself that it will pass and when it was over, I would feel better. I couldn't tell myself that anymore. My thoughts turned from that to, "What's the point? The only thing waiting for me is another headache. I can't do this anymore".

I finally ran into some article online about how deodorants/antiperspirants are toxic. Long story short (too late), I switched to one of those "natural" salt rock deodorants. It works well enough. I stay excessively clean and smell just fine. I always hated the way deodorants smell anyway. That was over 2 years ago. Since I stopped putting that poison in my body I have had 2 migraines and 0 of those other severe headaches. My sister was also struggling with what she described as a constant, mild headache. She doesn't get migraines or severe headache but it was a nuisance nonetheless. After she discontinued deodorant use, her headache disappeared.

I hope this information helps somebody. If I hadn't stopped wearing toxic deodorants, I can't imagine I would still be here. Who knows? Maybe this will help more than a few.

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