How I overcame Migraine

Hi everyone. My name is kevin and till the age of 22 I was healthy & filled with lots of energy. Migraine was back then something not known to me. Slowly I started getting migraines and this disrupted my education, my traineeships, work, and caused me to miss out on so many fun things in life. There were moments my family members made fun of me, and they all took it as something lightly. I cannot begin to describe in words all the horror I passed through with migraines. I felt isolated from the outside world. And my life was truly derailed. I remember that there was a peek between the age of 25 and 28. I got 2 to 3 times a week migraines. I truly sought all kinds of help but nothing seemed to help. I pictured my future as grim and dark, with constant pain and sadness. I recall all the moments suffering and crying beneath the sheets. There were times the migraines were so intense and heavy I desired that my head be taken of my body. I felt so desperate. I fell in a depression. Because I spent so many days inside I pictured myself as unwanted, and my self esteem lowered and lowered. There came moments where I thought suicide might be the only way out. But being raised in a christian home I still managed to find courage from my mother, my faith and scripture. My visits to the doctor didn't yield any results. They could not help me. I had to face this challenge all alone. I remember going on the internet seeking for answers but with so much written on the matter I felt hopeless. I did try out some advice that didn't really work. One day, I stood up in front of the mirror and I said to myself. Before I turned 23 I did not have migraines so I know it is not possible to be free of migraine. To make a big story short here is how I changed my life and overcame migraine. 2 years have gone by, and until this moment I have not gotten not one single migraine. I will share the following in the hope they might be a solution for those who read my story. I took 10 Steps. 1. I decided to avoid eating Fast Food (junk food). 2. I decided to avoid sugar beverages and soda etc. 3. I decided to cook my own meals. 4. I drink 95 percent water and at a minimum tea or other drinks.5. I dimmed the brightness on my computers, laptop, etc. I changed my environment. I avoided the H eatings of the school which send a dirty burned sense, I avoided the bright office lights. I also avoided working 8 hours behind a pc so I thought I had to change education and do something different. 9.

I believe Migraine affects the circuits in the brain, the nerves shut down and the body falls in a kinda shutwown and reset. In most of my experiences, my eyes are the ones that were also affected by the migraines. My neck and shoulders, and also my forehead, felt all heavy filled with pain. Other triggers for me was 1. Bright computer lights, 2. Potato Chips, table salt, loads of sugar and fried foods, Kethap Manis I avoided as the plaque. In all these items there are ingredients and substances that place the mind out of balance causing the veins to close and not properly send the blood. I believe our food and drinks are the biggest contribution to migraine attacks. We function much better when our system is not made filthy with all the things added by the food companies. Balance is the key to everything. I live now a balanced life. I am free of migraines. It has been 2 years now and no migraines. I am utterly happy.

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