I can do things again!

I have been suffering with migraines for over 30 years. I have used preventive meds and pain meds. None of them gave me much relief.

When I went to the emergency room, I would go through the same thing, them thinking I was out for pain meds. (Like I was a junkie). I would always say " I don't really care what you give me just stop the pain. So, we would start with saline and anti-nausea meds. 90% of the time it wouldn't work so we would move on to the next grouping of meds that specific doctor would use. This did vary from dr. To dr. Eventually it would be the hard stuff dilaudid Inject or through iv.

This does take anyway the pain but, I have been so drugged up that well, I don't really like it. I also have gotten the migraine back after the dilaudid worn off and back to the e.r. I went for more dilaudid.

So, I finally went to the Mayo clinic, and was put on 2700 mg of neurontin daily and that didn't work.

So, I went to a migraine doctor closer to where I live and started Botox injections.

So, the first time I had a neck ache for about a week then relief I could actually do stuff and enjoy life again.

The second time I had a flare up arm pain. (I am a breast cancer survivor and had a few lymph nodes removed under my right arm, for testing purposes only). I get arm pain sometimes, but not swelling for lymphadema.

And then migraine free for the most part.

I do worry about side effects and have heard that your body can get used to the drug and stop working. I pray that something less evasive is found and works soon.

I really don't like 25 to 30 shots in my scalp every 12 weeks. I do thank god my insurance pays for the injections.

I thought I would share part of my migraine story in hopes that it might help someone else.

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