I won't complain

One of the hardest lessons to learn as a headache sufferer is that my headaches are caused by many factors but the mind game of blaming myself for the pain is destructive and counterproductive to the healing process. As I struggle with the reasons, what I could have done differently, or what others are thinking, my physical body pays a greater price. Hearing someone tell me, "you must learn to slow down" or "if you had not done this you would not be sick" is harmful because it places the blame at my feet. I know they mean well but their words hurt as often they echo my own personal feelings. No one desires to hear "I told you so."

Freeing my mind is the first step in the healing process. I recognize now, my suffering has a purpose. It builds my endurance, faith, testimony, and resilience. There are times that, yes, if I had not done x, y, z I may not have got a headache. Also there are times, where doing nothing causes more pain than doing something. I choose the life of promise which is pressing towards the mark. I will not allow my suffering to be in vain. Yes I will suffer but I know God has a plan. If I share my pain it's not to complain. It's for love, compassion and comfort, never discipline. I no longer despise the journey because God has a purpose and my prayer is to live on purpose. Keep praying for me as I pray for you. As I encourage you, I encourage myself.

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