Migraines and IBS-D What a Wonderful Life

I remember the inception of my migraines like it was yesterday. But in actuality they began when I was 12... 55 years ago! My mom would give me aspirin but even then that didn't help. I know now that the migraines were fueled by my hormone changes.

Along with hormone changes, some foods are triggers, i.e. beer, orange juice, sulfites, nitrates and nitrites, but stress was a huge trigger. My childhood was compromised by a very dysfunctional and antagonistic family environment. As the environment worsened, so did my migraines and IBS-D. My siblings were affected in many of the same ways.

When I married my high school sweetheart, I was certain a long happy life was ahead. We had our share of good times and fun as a young married couple but my husband was a mirror image of my father. I never knew when I would be chastized in a very verbally damaging way. Needless to say my migraine and IBS issues worsened through out the 35 year marriage as did all self confidence. We all have our limits and after a near death experience from stress, I decided life should not kill you physically or emotionally. When my sons left home for college I ended the marriage.

Now retired, a new grandmother and enjoying life with a very kind significant other, migraines are far and few between. With the quick help of Sumatriptan at their onset, the length of the migraines has been shortened to just a couple hours instead of 3-4 days.

The IBS issues are another story but I am working very hard to stay healthy, active and enjoy life in these "golden years."

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