Have identified 90% of my triggers

I had my first migraine in my early twenties then nothing until hormonal treatment to get pregnant. Now in my late 50;s I have kept many migraine diaries. For me and potentially for other, the migraines are mostly connected with food. Not only what I eat or how much I eat but more to the point WHEN I eat. I go to bed between 10.30 and 11.30pm and any food eaten after 8pm will trigger a migraine, even an apple! I can have red wine at lunch time but not in the evening or migraine the day after. However with some biscuits, whenever I eat them in the day, I know it will trigger a migraine the day after, the intensity depending on the quantity eaten. So it is critical to keep a food diary of what, when and how much and find the pattern. I suspect I react to many different things, one of them being the additives found in any industrially produced food.

And if you are like me, eat well (not processed food but fresh or raw food) at lunch time and not much in the evening. Good luck!

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