I'm NOT crazy!

I've had migraines for most of my life. I'm 56 now, and I remember the first one at the age of 7. Not something you want to remember. They steadily got worse over the years, and numbness and tingling became part of it as well. Test after test. The spina bifida came out, with a tethered spinal cord, which of course they figured was the cause. Release the cord, fix the cause. Had that done three times now.

My migraines have gotten worse. Horrible. I found the Topamax helps the most. Yes, I know the risks, but I don't get anything to help for when I actually GET a migraine. My doctors don't believe in it. I'm allergic to most things (NSAIDS and the like) so they tell me to take Tylenol. I won't because that's like shooting a pea at a freight train, and my liver is in bad shape as it is. So I suffer, yes, suffer. I meditate or if bad enough, cry. Not very scientific.

Recently I went to the ER with what I thought was a stroke. The ER doctor said it was a TIA. The CT scan showed a small lesion. I was thrown through a battery of many other tests including a full drug screening (without my knowledge I might add). My doctor came in my room and told me that the tests showed nothing, so therefore nothing was wrong. We needed to discuss seeing someone in mental health, that I was probably depressed and didn't know it and it was manifesting itself. WHAT???? (pissed off yup..I sure was) Ok, so I played her game. Went to psychologist. Not depressed, pissed...and pain management.

Today is a GOOD day. I saw my neurologist. He finally for the first time gave me the answers I have been looking for. I didn't have a stroke or seizures. Hemiplegic Migraines! Rare, but he confirmed it to me.


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